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You were a bruise,

Hitting me hard and deep.

I felt your impact from my toes to my roots,

But you held me steady.

I didn’t fall.

We played tug of war

With hearts and emotions,

Surfing the chaotic wave,

Seeing the end,

Helpless to stop.

Somewhere in the crest of the wave,

You let me fall,

And my skin erupted in shades of purple, black and blue.

But you were gone before they even began to fade.

I don’t even know why I miss the pain.

I just know that I do.

I knew from the beginning that it would end like this,

Me broken, you walking away.

I knew, from the moment you kissed me,

That you would wreck me.

And I let you in anyway, just to feel alive.

I know, now that you’re gone,

That after the colors fade, and my skin is once again pale

I will touch those places

And remember you.